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Breathing Easier. 10 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers.

Posted on April 28, 2020 in: General News

Breathing Easier.  10 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers.

Did you know there is more air pollution inside of homes and businesses than outside?  It’s true!  With most of us spendingHome Air Purifiers in St. Louis upward of 95% of our time indoors these days, it is just as important to understand what goes on in our inside spaces, as outside. 

Ventilation, or a lack thereof, has a lot to do with the amounts of polluted air inside of our homes and offices.  There are areas in each with little to no ventilation.  These areas are more capable of trapping pollutants such as dust, and if we have our windows/doors open, pollens.  While dust and allergens seem more of a nuisance, they are also magnets to attracting bacteria, dust mites, pet odors and even viruses.  For those with respiratory issues this can cause serious allergic and viral reactions. 

What can you do to stem off the tide of poor indoor air quality?  A great place to start is to install an air purifier.  The best air purifiers do 11 things:

  1. Kills mold, bacteria and virus in the space
  2. No replacement parts required
  3. Keeps cooling coil clean when mounted on the air entering side of the coil (just like UV light would do on the air leaving side of the coil)
  4. Kills pathogens in the space
  5. Does not produce ozone per the UL867-2007 ozone chamber test
  6. Requires essentially no maintenance in non-smoking applications
  7. Shock free design
  8. Fits any size system and any layout configuration
  9. Little to no air pressure drop
  10. Controls gases and odors in the space

If you are looking to create a safe haven by reduce/eliminate pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and more, then a HEPA type air filter will do the trick. Look for one that meet the ENERGY STAR testing criteria.

If you have been considering an air purifier, we would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your issues, needs and we can recommend brands and install, as well. Please email Jim Pickens at or call 636-349-4990.

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