Thermaduct - Technical Data

Thermaduct™ & Thermaround™ - Technical Data

Thermaduct™ Introduction

Thermaduct combines the latest air distribution technology with a choice outdoor weather barrier to create a duct that offers the highest R-value and lowest air leakage rates in the industry. Thermaduct™ is a patented pre -engineered duct system that incorporates the duct, insulation and cladding all in one high per formance product.

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Thermaround™ Introduction

Thermaround™ is Thermaduct’s™ answer to applications that require double wall spiral for their outdoor ductwork. Thermaround is a patented system that
provides an R-12 Insulated value and extremely low air leakage all in a system that naturally sheds water. We utilize the same corrosion resistant 1000 micron vinyl cladding used on our rectangular thermaduct for a long lasting, strong solution. With Thermaround’s connection system, installation is fast and easy!

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