Koolduct Installation

Koolduct Installation

Space Saving

Can be installed flush to the ceiling eliminating the space required for the manual process of applying the insulation above the ductworks as a second fix. This can save up to 6”-8” of valuable space.


The exceptional strength to weight ratio of ductwork fabricated results in ductwork that is easier to handle and quicker to install. Weight up to 85% less than sheet metal ductwork, it can overcome severe constraints on structural loadings in older buildings that cannot support additional weight.

Faster Installation

The ability to fabricate ductwork in up to 13 ft. long sections means fewer sections and less handling. This combined with the requirements for fewer supports and its single fix installation results in a fast track installation, up to three times faster. Faster installation obviously means lower costs and less disruption for other trades on site.

Installed Cost Savings

The installed cost can be up to 19% cheaper than that for insulated sheet steel as a result of reduced material and labor costs.