Sustainability & LEED

Sustainability & Responsibility

"More than just low energy low carbon buildings"

Kingspan Koolduct's latest Sustainability and Responsibility report reaches new levels of exemplary practice and performance. While most companies today are addressing their environmental impact, far fewer have looked at how to balance that with their impact on people and their economic performance, and yet these are absolutely fundamental to sustainability. Kingspan Insulation has been monitoring and reporting on progress in all areas of sustainable development since 2004, but the introduction of the GRI indicators in its 2008 report brought even greater transparency to the process. The extension of GRI reporting to level B+ significantly raises the bar. The difference between level B and level B+ is the requirement for external assurance of the GRI report.

However, the simple reporting of achievements is not an end in itself; the Sustainability and Responsibility Report is not a static tool but supports Kingspan’s aim to set new targets and continuously improve, challenging other construction product manufacturers to follow suit and make meaningful and measurable progress.

Achieving LEED Certification for your building or project (Header)

The current contribution of points towards achieving credits, including pilot credits, in many of the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) rating systems, developed by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) can be made by the use of insulation and insulated systems manufactured by Kingspan Insulation. The LEED point credits available for using Kingspan Koolduct products is currently 2 points by the USGBC.